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Saturday, June 26, 2010


My dear friends,

First of all, a warm "Thank You" for all the nice comments. You all know how I feel about comments!
The second point is: sorry for not posting anything. I have a "creator's block"! Nothing comes to my
mind. I'll just have to wait till it hits me again.

And the last point is "Dave". Well, some of us have spotted a "Dave" in a chatbox on another blog and
we are pretty sure it is "our Dave". But why is he behaving this way? We don't know. He is also not
responding to e-mails. So, my conclusion is: we have to wait and see what happens. Maybe he "pops-up"
some day, when he thinks the time is right.

I wish you all a very nice weekend.



Marie said...

Hi Miriam, someone as talented as you will soon be designing more beautiful work, in the meantime enjoy the break, you certainly deserve one... xx

jacqueline said...

Zolang als je zijn blogspot kunt zien is de site niet verdwenen maar gewoon op verbergen gezet.
Ik heb dit onlangs eens getest met mijn site en inderdaad ,zou dave zijn site zijn gedelete dan kun je geen geplaatste eerdere updates meer zien.Jammer dat niemand iets meer weet hiervan.Kvond het altijd leuk om daar te vertoeven:-)