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Friday, June 3, 2011

Another horse Pyramid card

I posted a 2nd horse pyramid card on Lanell's blog. This time it is an inverted pyramid. I also added some
instructions to the pyramage sheets, for those who don't know what an inverted pyramid card is.
Matching envelop is also included.

Here is the preview
Maybe you have noticed, that there is no text on my cards lately.
I did it on perpose. First now you can use these cards for more than 1 event
and 2nd, I like a hand written personal message on the inside.
My hubby does that very beautifully in calligrafy writing.
I know......my hubby is (almost) perfect.......lol

I hope you like this card.
Have fun.


BlueCat said...

Another great card!
I think it is also good a card without text, because of the different languages. I often regret when there is text in English on cards which cannot be removed because people I'll give them the card are not English people and they don't understand English.

Hemmm! as you see, my English is very bad too ;)

Have a great weekend and Happy Birthday to your (almost perfect) hubby :(

Pssequimages said...

Would you please make a link to Lanell's Blog on this post. I want to find out how to do this!