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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hello all!

Hi y'all, Mat here! Miriam is taking a little break as her husband is having a few health problems right now and needs her attention. Please keep them both in your prayers and keep watching here for updates as we get them. I am still new at this and am having some compatability problems with my computer, but will keep trying to solve them to be able to upload some more freebies for all of you! Just wanted to update everyone and ask for the prayers for this generous and caring lady! Thanx and for those that are celebrating the holiday--Happy Thanksgiving! Mat


Lanell said...

Sending thoughts and prayers. If you have trouble you can contact me. I might beable to talk ya through things. Miriam has been a great teacher and helper for me.
Lanell (Never Forget Memories)

smiekeltje said...

Hi Mat,
Sorry to hear about Miriam's husband.
I truly hope it isn;t too serious, his health problem?
They bouth will be in my thoughts and praying all will be better soon!
Great that you can continue the blog.

Noor said...

Miriam, Insha Allah things will be fine for you and your husband soon. Health issues can sometimes knock us down. Allah can give the strength to stand back up. May HE strengthen you both in this time Insha Allah Ameen.

Mat, I wish you well in your duties at this time. May Allah give you wisdom, confidence and knowledge you need to take care of things Insha Allah, Ameen.

Love crafts forever said...

I hope and pray everything will go well for you. Sending lots of Hugs

crosstown said...

Prayers and goodwishes are being sent to Miriam and here family

Fenny said...

Veel sterkte gewenst!

Anonymous said...

hi to all miriams-scrap.blogspot.comers this is my first post and thought i would say a big hello to yous -
regards speak again soon

iris said...

soignez-vous bien
et revenez nous vite
tout mon soutien

christopher said...

My thoughts and prayers are with Miriam and her hubby.I hope he will soon be well.
Also thank you for the lovely layouts,you are very kind.Rosie.x

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for keeping us informed. I wish Miriam and her husband all the very best. I also wish you all the best Mat, I'm sure you'll do fine...