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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mk 13 - qp 4 and 5


Happy Easter to all of you. Thanks every one for the nice comments on the new blog layout.
It seems it's the only way to bring spring in to our home, because it is freezing cold outside.
If it stays that way any longer......I'll have to knit some mittens for our fish in the pond...........
Maybe a little gift will cheer us up.
Here are 2 qp's made with minikit 13, soon to be posted.....next week I guess.
If the frame of #5 is toooooo small for you.......save the qp as jpeg and you'll have an
extra paper, matching to the rest of the kit.

Here is # 4
You can download # 4 here

And here is # 5
Download # 5 here
Have fun, with whatever you do and where ever you go.


sue card maker said...

thank you xx

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Happy Easter love Christine in Italy xx

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

So very pretty as usual! Thanks so much!

iReneM said...

Thank you :)
QP #4 is lovely