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Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I couldn't resist playing with mk18 just one more time............and this is what my laptop looks now.....lol

If you want it.....just let me know.


Corrine Corbin said...

It's a beautiful blog page but I don't know how to insert something other than what google has already put out to use. Any step by step instructions on how to do it?
And will that work for the blinkies's also that I'd love to put down the side of my blog.

maureen said...

Beautiful creation Miriam. I am still very new at creating things for my Blog.
I could use this sort of thing for my blog when I know how to go about doing it. LOL
Love all the beautiful creations you have made over time and offered for free. You are a really talented artist. THANK YOU xxxx

Jane said...

Yes Please .... I would love to get this desktop (wallpaper) Thanks so much, Jane

carolynf said...

Thank you. I needed a new one. I love all your work. I look forward to seeing what you are going to create next.