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Tuesday, September 8, 2015


I promissed Mattie, I would be back on this blog early September ......and here I am.
Thanks Mattie for taking care of this blog whilst I was on break. You did an excellent job.

I had a great summer break. Did a lot of things.......like watching cycling racing on tv.
First there was the Giro d'Italia, then the Tour de France and now the Vuelta is going on.
I bottled my homemade vanilla extract, made vanilla Sugar, pickeled cucumbers, made strawberry and blueberry sauce, made soap, handlotion, bodylotion, bodybutter, landry detergent..etc.
here is a photo of my homemade stuff.

I also made a diaper tricycle for my neighbour who was pregnant. She gave birth to a beautiful little girl named Julie, born on the 13th of July.
Here is a photo of her, sleeping on my lap.
and here is a photo of the diaper tricycle
That lovely lady in the background is my other neigbour Tanja. She gave me a hand,
because sometimes you need 4 hands......lol
The tricycle was big hit.
I also got me a new cell phone. My old one, I had it for 7 years, was giving me problems.
I have a Samsung Galaxy now and I love it.
I also read a lot of books......the left pile on the photo.
The right pile is still to be read, but I have all winter......lol
And we had Sail!
here's a little discription from the official web site.

Sail Amsterdam 2015

SAIL Amsterdam 2015In August every 5 years, in 2015 August 19th - 23rd.

The Dutch have a rich historical tradition of sailing and sea exploration. Operation Sail in Amsterdam, called recently just Sail Amsterdam, is a big nautical event attracting literarily thousands of sailing ships. The most attractive of them –naval tall ships are usually surrounded by many replicas and smaller heritage ships. They all come together in the direct proximity of the city center - on the Ij Lake behind the Amsterdam Central Station. Thousands of smaller yacht and boats filled with spectators are there to greet them.

Sail Amsterdam event – the tradition

The first Sail Amsterdam event took place in 1975, on the occasion of the 700 anniversary of the city. As the event had been an enormous success, it has been organized every five years since.

More than the ships

Sail Amsterdam has truly unique character among the nautical events because of the participation of the biggest world’s sailing ships. Seeing them sail near the old city of Amsterdam, gives a lasting impression to a visitor. Visiting one of these ships may be also very interesting, not only for kids. Ships arrive to the waters of Amsterdam Ij Lake in a festive Sail-In parade. In the days after they remain in Amsterdam harbor, while many other events – classic music concerts on the classic ships, pop and jazz shows, special contests for the young, demonstrations by the Dutch Navy and fireworks shows make Sail Amsterdam a fantastic and unique festivity.

Here some photo's:

And here are some of my favorite tall ships...
Europa (Dutch)

Stad Amsterdam (Dutch)

Eendracht (Dutch)

Kruzenstern (Russia)

Sedov (Russia)
Well, that was just a little part of the things I have done this summer.
Tomorrow I will start posting MK 21 of which Mattie already showed you what to expect.
She posted a lot of lovely creations with this kit.
So. I will see you all tomorrow.
Have fun and take care.



Linda said...

Hello Miriam, Welcome back and Thank you for the update about what you have been doing. You have certainly been very busy.
It must have been amazing to see all those ships in Amsterdam in person...

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Welcome home my friend! You have certainly been a busy lady during your break....love that diaper tricycle...very cute. Awesome photos of the ships and so very interesting too. Thanks for the praise, but I enjoy doing this you know! Thank you for all the lovely kits to work with. So glad you are back...I think you had to come back to get some rest...! ;) ;) Hugs, Mat

Edna B said...

I just love all your home made things. And that diaper trike is awesome!! Such a beautiful and lucky little baby.

The photos of sailing ships are gorgeous! I saw a few of these several years ago when I was on vacation in Sweden. They are just breathtaking! Imagine these were the ships that transported our ancestors to the various countries. My ancestors sailed in one from the Netherlands to Plymouth, MA. in 1620. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful memories and photos.

You have a wonderful week, hugs, Edna B.

grancmpr said...

I have one word for you... WOW!