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Friday, January 9, 2015

Broken links fixed (2)

My dear friends, I have fixed the following download links.

qp 16
qp 24
qp 61
qp 84
qp 88
qp 91
qp 99
qp 118
and qp 131

all with tanks to Dena.

Have fun.


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Hi Miriam, I got a request for some Teal Wedding pages for a friend, so instead of searching through lots of CDs, DVDs, and passports....I redownloaded some of your QPs in Teal or ones that I thought I could change to teal....thanks so much for making this a little easier for me since I am still seeing double and with lots of fog until my cataracts are removed. Love ya my friend. Hugs, Mat

Miriam said...

Oh, Mattie, I feel so sorry for you. When will that be done, I mean removing the cataracts?

Chris said...

Thank you for fixing the broken links, searching for them reminded me of the lovely qps you have made in the past