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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Broken links.

I already have repaired a few broken links, which  Dena reported me. Initially I wanted to mention the page link to the repaired item, but that would not be fair to Dena. She is doing  all the work to mail them to me and the hoarder who never leaves a comment would have it soooo easy....
Yes, on a regular base I still can get a little bit angry about that.
In any case, I show you  which links have been repaired.

ms-qp 136 and ms-qp 178
the qp from mother's day or as in my file qp 204.
also the envelop for ms-card 1
and the didgereedoo qp.
The 3 too sexy qp's
and Gina's teal x-mas gallon paint can label.

That's it for now, but there will be more....as soon as I have time again.

Thanks again Dena Anderson for letting us know. You rock, girl.


Handmaiden Dotty said...

thanks Miriam (and Dena too) for the lovely qp and the fixing of the link. blessings

Chris said...

Thank you for all your freebies and for the repaired links

maureen said...

Thank you Miriam for all the absolutely beautiful freebies you have offered over the past few years since I have known about you. You are talented and I really appreciate them very much.
Thank you also Dena for getting the links fixed on our behalf Hugs to you also. Best wishes for a very successful year. xxxxxxxxxx
Hugs Alwaysxxxx